Stop an anti-vaping amendment to the Florida constitution!

Every 20 years, the state of Florida convenes a Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) to consider possible amendments to the state’s constitution and put them to the voters to decide. In 1998, this process was used to pass an unpopular statewide anti-smoking law that prohibited smoking in workplaces. In 2018, much like 1998, a similar proposal would ban vaping in the same places where smoking is prohibited.

We need your help to urge members of the CRC to remove the indoor vaping question from the final ballot. Please take action now by sending a message!

The indoor vaping ban proposal is being paired with an amendment that would ban drilling for oil in Florida. This coupling of unrelated policies is not unique to vaping, though, as the commission has decided to shrink 24 proposed amendments to the constitution down to 12. Their stated reason for doing this is simply to save space on the ballot.

Please take action now by contacting commission members and urging them to remove vaping from the ballot.

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