NY - Stop a Flavor Ban Before it Starts!

(Update - 06.08.18)

Assemblymember Rosenthal is working overtime to convince members of the Codes Committee that shutting down vape shops won't have an impact on the state. We need your help THIS WEEKEND to send as many messages as possible to committee members and your lawmakers educating them how an e-liquid flavor ban is harmful--to the state and New York residents!

(Update - 06.06.18)

During Tuesday’s Health Committee meeting in the Assembly, A.8688 was debated and passed by a vote of 14 to 12. But unlike previous years, the flavor ban legislation did not sail through the committee. The bill was kept alive by Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther (NY-A100) when she changed her vote from nay to yea at the last minute.

Your Calls And Emails Are Making A Difference!

According to feedback from folks on the ground in Albany, the large numbers of emails and calls that Assembly Members are receiving in opposition to A.8688 contributed to the robust debate and very close vote. To be clear, a 13 to 13 vote would have ended the progress of the flavor ban on the Assembly side of things.

Flavor ban bills in the Senate and the Assembly are moving toward floor votes and we need your continued participation to stop them!

As many are likely to have heard, last night, June 5th, San Francisco voters decided to adopt a city ordinance that bans the sale of tobacco and vapor products in flavors other than tobacco. Although San Francisco is a continent away from New York, the Bay Area is historically one of the first dominos to fall in a wave of coercive anti-tobacco laws that travels across the country. Harm reduction advocates and consumers should be very concerned about the likelihood of a flavor ban being approved by any state or local government--no matter where you are.


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