VT - Stop a tax on vaping!

(Update - 05.25.18)

The tax language that would enact a 46% wholesale tax on vapor products is being reintroduced as part of H. 2 in Vermont’s special session.

Please take action NOW

by sending a message to House and Senate Leaders

as well as your lawmakers

urging them to reject new taxes on vaping!


We also strongly recommend Vermont members to continue calling

  • Senator Tim Ashe: (802) 828-3806
  • Representative Mitzi Johnson: (802) 828-2245

We’ll email you all of details below, so don’t worry about coming back to this post. Please do share this with your friends and family on social media!


  • Make sure you tell them where you are calling from and;
  • that you are opposed to enacting new, unfair taxes on vapor products.
  • Politely urge them to reject any proposal of new taxes on vapor products that might be introduced in the special session.
  • Share your story about switching to vaping and;
  • what it would mean to you if vaping was not an affordable alternative to smoking.

You don’t have to fit all of that in (and you might not have time), but pick the most important points to discuss on your call.

Tell us how the call went by sending feedback to takeaction@casaa.org.

Enter your information to take action now!


Please encourage others to act by sharing on social media.